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Pricing as low as $19.95

15 minute response time

Pricing Policy

Our low advertised price for a $19.95, 24/7 lockout service is solely for our child emergency rate within city limits. If you don't qualify for our child emergency rate the fee is $20.00 for us to dispatch a contracted locksmith to come out, then any required additional work performed will start at $15.00, for a minimum of $35.00 and can go up from there. This amount can go up significantly based on time of day, the current weather conditions, the availability of the locksmith, the distance traveled to and from the customer, and the difficulty of the work to be performed.

We advise that all customers obtain a quote from the dispatcher for services to be rendered. If a quote is not obtained then the referred contractor will be responsible for determining the fee for services based on market rates.* The approximate market rate for lockouts in your region is $75 - $150.

*All rates are determined by the independent contractor unless you are given an exact price by the dispatcher, in which case the contractor is required to honor that price.

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